September 9th Marvel Comic Releases

It’s another Wednesday, which means it’s New Comic Book Day! Here’s are all the new releases coming out today!

New Issues:

Empyre Avengers Aftermath 1 by Al Ewing

• The end of EMPYRE begins a new age for the Marvel Universe!
•  In the aftermath of the cosmic conflict, the forces gather one last time… but why? And at whose bidding?
•  New bonds will be forged, new families will be founded, and there’s a new role waiting for Earth… but new destinies bring new dangers – and new enemies!
•  Welcome to the new Marvel Space Age, true believer –  hope you survive the experience!

The next series in the Empyre event, so if you’re interested in this, get your hands on the rest of the series first! I’m personally waiting for the bind-ups, but you may still be able to find all the single back issues at your local comic store!

Empyre Fantastic Four Fallout 1 by Dan Slott

• The fate of all future Kree/Skrull Wars is placed in the hands of… Reed Richards and his family, the Fantastic Four.
•  This is NO standard issue of a Marvel Comic, True Believer. Two MAJOR TURNING POINTS for THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE will take place here!
•  Also in this issue… The Profiteer returns, but is she here for revenge… or justice? And a special appearance by the most ominous cosmic character of them all, The Unseen!

Another new series in the Empyre event, this time focusing on the Fantastic Four. If you want the Avengers one, you’re definitely going to also need this one to keep up with the whole story.

The Rise Of Ultraman 1 by Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom

In darkness there lurks Kaiju – terrifying and unfathomable monsters. Between Kaiju and the rest of us stands the United Science Patrol!
But who are these enigmatic defenders, and how do they perform their miracles? Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out – and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars!
Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Mat Groom (Self/Made) and Francesco Manna (AVENGERS) reimagine the classic origin of a pop culture icon as THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN begins!

Not going to lie, Ultraman is not someone I’ve hear about that often, but, if this is a reimagining of their origin, then this is the perfect place to learn about them!

Web Of Venom: Wraith 1 by Donny Cates

• Since his appearance in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, one thing WRAITH has made perfectly clear is that he’s hunting KNULL, the God of the Symbiotes.
•  Now, in the wastelands on the outskirts of the cosmos, he’ll have his chance to face him…

This is a companion series to the Absolute Carnage storyline, so it’s best to check that out first, before trying to get into this.

The Bind Ups:

Runaways 5: Cannonfodderby Rainbow Rowell

Runaways no more! As the mysterious Doc Justice offers to shape our heroes into a super-group to protect Los Angeles, say hello to the J-Team! But who is the inspirational Doc Justice, anyway? How did he convince the least capes-and-tights-oriented kids in the Marvel Universe to suit up? And will everybody be on board with this major shift in the status quo? Don’t bet on it! As Doc Justice and his new recruits start cleaning up L.A. better than anyone expected, they’ll soon start to set their sights even higher! But where does that leave Gert? Back at the Doc’s mansion, of course. She’s not just going to sit there – with access to the J-Team’s files and resources, Gert is going to do her part! But where will this new role take her?

Volume 5 of Rainbow Rowell’s Runaways series, so you’ll need Find Your Way Home, Best Friends Forever, The Way Yesterday and But You Can’t Hide first!

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Resurrection by Ron Marz and Jim Starlin

To INFINITY CRUSADE -and beyond! The Silver Surfer must aid the Jack of Hearts, survive an encounter with Nebula and face the Kree double threat of Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva! Meanwhile,it’s a battle of Galactus’ heralds as Morg and Terrax clash! They both want the same ax – but whose hands will it end up in? Plus: The Sentinel of the Spaceways joins Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch in Mephisto’s clutches in a tale written and drawn by cosmic maestro Jim Starlin! But why is the Surfer joining the Secret Defenders alongside Doctor Strange, Thunderstrike and War Machine? And when the Goddess’ Infinity Crusade divides the Marvel Universe, the Surfer must power up – with potentially explosive results!

While doing my research into this collection, it was listed as number eight in the series. But, there’s only four previous volumes in the series, so I have no idea what’s going on. Either way, the other available volumes in the Silver Surfer Epic Collection are: When Calls Galactus, Freedom, Thanos Quest and The Infinity Gauntlet first.

Heroes Reborn: The Return by Peter David

The Avengers and Fantastic Four return from the pocket dimension of “Heroes Reborn,” but the Earth they left behind still needs heroes! As waters rise and Celestials loom, will Rikki “Bucky” Barnes and her Young Allies step up – or is Doctor Doom the iron hand this ravaged planet needs? Trapped on this Counter-Earth, the disguised villains called the Thunderbolts must choose between escape or becoming heroes! And the interdimensional Exiles drop in for a visit! But when Onslaught rises, Franklin Richards returns to the original world he created – and Rikki Barnes must summon allies from the real Marvel Universe!

This is part of the Heroes Reborn series, which was originally released in the 90’s, where Marvel heroes were reimagined as slightly different versions of themselves. They all tie in together, so you’ll want to also buy the Heroes Reborn titles: Avengers, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Onslaught Reborn. There is also an omnibus option, but that doesn’t include absolutely everything, but it’s worth checking out anyway.

Ghost Rider vol 2: Hearts Of Darkness II by Ed Brisson

Just when Dan Ketch thought he was out, he finds himself back in – and way over his head! Empowered by the Spirit of Corruption, what will Ketch’s new status quo mean when he encounters Wolverine and the Punisher? Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze targets the man who had the power to free him from Hell, but chose not to lift a finger. Ghost Rider is out for revenge on Doctor Strange! But the real grudge match begins when the Spirits of Vengeance and Corruption face off! Plus: Since the dawn of man, they have cursed her name: Lilith! But when the netherworlds are united, they shall call her Queen! And on the far-out streets of Transverse City, meet the Ghost Rider of 2099!

Obviously, as a second volume, you’ll want to read Ghost Rider: King Of Hell before this one.

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