Magik (New Mutants) Character Profile

Okay, we’re onto our final New Mutants character profile, and I’ve left my favourite until last – Magik!

Name: Illyana Rasputin

Superhero Name: Magik

Created By: Len Wein

Magik by Leinil Francis Yu

Played By: Anya-Taylor Joy

Powers: Inter-dimensional teleportation, magic manipulation, use of mystic armour and a soul sword

Mini Bio: Illyana Rasputin is a Russian mutant with one of the most interesting backstories going. She was kidnapped by Arcade at age 6 to coerce the X-Men into fighting Doctor Doom, and then called to Limbo, an alternate dimension, where she was bullied and tormented by demons. This was to create Bloodstones, which were created as her soul was corrupted. Eventually, an alternate dimension version of Storm rescued her and taught her white magic, and Limbo’s version of Shadowcat taught her how to fight, in both hand to hand and sword combat. She was also kidnapped back by the original demon who brought her to Limbo and taught black magic, where she gains control of the Bloodstones, creates a soul sword and becomes the new ruler of Limbo.

After becoming ruler, Illyana went home to find that no time had past since her initial kidnap on Earth, but she herself was 10 years older. She ends up joining the New Mutants soon after. She is also the younger sister of Colossus.

First Comic Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men, May 1975 (as Illyana). Magik: Illyana and Storm, 1983 (as Magik).

Most Common Team Ups: New Mutants, Phoenix Five, X-Men

Comic Recommendations: Magik: Illyana and Storm (her Limbo backstory), New Mutants: Dead Souls, New Mutants: Return Of Legion, Avengers Vs X-Men


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