Sunspot (New Mutants) Character Profile

Today we’re going back to the New Mutants character profiles, and this time Sunspot is in the spotlight!

But, a quick note before we start – the casting of Roberto has been whitewashed by the director of New Mutants, and I do not condone it in any way, shape or form. It is racism, plain and simple, and it should never, ever happen.

Name: Roberto da Costa

Superhero Name: Sunspot

Created By: Chris Claremont

Roberto da Costa (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 4 1 001
Illustration by Rod Reis

Played By: Henry Zaga (also played by Adan Canto in Day’s Of Future Past)

Powers: Absorbs and channels solar power

Mini Bio: Roberto was born into a wealthy family. His father, is an Afro-Brazilian businessman, and his mother is a white American archeologist. Growing up, Roberto was athletically inclined, and was considered for the Olympic Games. But, when playing football, he was racially abused by the opposing team and Roberto’s powers manifested by turning him into solid black solar energy. Everyone apart from his girlfriend abandoned him, but when she was kidnapped by Donald Pierce and the Hellfire Club, Karma and Psyche (members of the X-men) had to rescue both him and his girlfriend. Professor X took him in and helped him control his powers, and thus Roberto became a member of the New Mutants

First Comic Appearance: The New Mutants, published September 1982

Most Common Team Ups: New Mutants, X-Men, X-Force, S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.I.M.

Comic Recommendations: The New Mutants (Debut) X-Force Roadtrip, X-Treme X-Men

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