Wolfsbane (New Mutants) Character Profile

Day three of the New Mutants celebration, and today we’re focusing on Wolfsbane! Also currently available are Mirage and Cannonball

Name: Rahne (pronounced Rain) Sinclair

Superhero Name: Wolfsbane

Created By: Chris Claremont

Wolfsbane by Michael Ryan and Peter Pantazis

Played By: Maisie Williams

Powers: Shapeshifting into a humanoid wolf, or full wolf, at will, like the werewolves from the Underworld films.

Mini Bio: Rahne is a Scottish mutant. She was brought up by an abusive pastor who attempted to burn her at the stake for her mutant powers, but she managed to escape to the safety of Moira MacTaggert. While part of the New Mutants team, Rahne’s religion meant that she was uncomfortable with Magik and other mythological beings. She also continues struggled with self-loathing because of her mutant powers, but still manages to find joy in her transformations.

First Comic Appearance: The New Mutants, published September 1982

Most Common Team Ups: The New Mutants, X-Factor Investigations, Hellions, X-Men

Comic Recommendations: The New Mutants (debut), Excalibur, X-Factor Investigations

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