August 5th Marvel Comic Releases

Okay, I think we can all agree that last month’s comic release post was massive, so I thought I’d make it easier for you, and me, by posting comic release news weekly! That you can easily see what’s coming that specific week, and I don’t give myself a headache trying desperately to order hundreds of releases!

So, here’s everything releasing on August the 5th, aka, today, starting with single issues:

Empyre Handbook by Anthony Cotilletta, Mike O’sullivan, Daron Jensen, Marc Riemer

Multiple races across the universe are pulled into a major conflict when EMPYRE hits! The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe helps keep the participants straight with updates of the major players in this star-spanning war: The Avengers! The Fantastic Four! Captain Marvel (Danvers)! The Skrulls! The Kree! Hulkling! Plus: All-new profiles of Kree members Bel-Dann, Captain Glory (Gla-Ree) and Tanalth, Skrull member Raksor, and the Cotati Swordsman! Also featuring the mysterious, never-before profiled Blue Area of Earth’s Moon!

If you’re looking to get into the Empyre story line and want to know just exactly who everyone is beforehand and what they’re doing, check this comic series! I certainly will be getting the bind up when it comes out, just to make sure I’m all up to date with my favourite heroes before I go into Empyre!

Giant Sized X-Men: Fantomex by Jonathon Hickman and Rick Reis


The hit creative team of Jonathan Hickman & Rod Reis (NEW MUTANTS) turn their attention to the covert activities of the Weapon Plus program’s Weapon XIII! A bred killer who choses the life of a gentleman super-thief, Fantomex has always defied expectations… For example, who would expect him to break into the World, the artificial realm of his creation? And then again? And then… again?

I’m going to put my hands up and say I’m only encountered Fantomex and his World once, and ended up very, very confused as to who the hell he was. But, this seems like the comic to help me, and possibly, you, out as well!

Marvel Tales – Future Imperfect – Maestro

Explore a dark vision of the future as we celebrate the legacy of the House of Ideas with the era-spanning MARVEL TALES! This anthology series shines a spotlight on fan-favorite characters, features timeless stories and highlights some of our most impressive talent from the past eight decades. A hundred years from now, a ravaged world is ruled with a giant green fist by the gamma-spawned tyrant who calls himself the Maestro! In desperation, a ragtag group of freedom fighters reach back into the past for the one being who might be able to end the Maestro’s reign – the Incredible Hulk! But when titans clash, who will be the strongest one there is? The classic tale from definitive Hulk writer Peter David and legendary artist George Pérez, HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT (1992) #1-2, is presented in all its gamma-powered glory! Collecting HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT (1992) #1-2

This series is a great one to watch out for if you’re new to the world of Marvel comics! Anthologies like these are great ways to find new favourite authors/artists, find out more about your favourite movie characters, and introduce you to brand new characters.

Onto the bind ups:

Savage Avengers – To Dine With Doom by Gerry Duggan

Conan continues to make new friends (and enemies!) in the modern-day Marvel Universe! First, Conan and the Punisher are attempting to escape the Savage Land, with the caskets of Frank’s family in tow – but they’ll have to make it across Antarctica! Then, when a barbarian walks into a brothel, it’s no laughing matter. Conan takes on human traffickers alongside the Black Widow and the Son of Satan himself, Daimon Hellstrom! Finally, Conan hates wizards – but as this strange modern-day world that he’s found himself in celebrates the holidays, the Cimmerian must deal with two famous magic-wielders: Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom! Can these three set aside their differences to deal with Kulan Gath, the sorcerous name at the very top of all their naughty lists?

Now this a bind up I am excited for! I bought the first Savage Avengers (City of Sickles) a while back and have been looking forward to this release ever since!

Morbius The Living Vampire by Vita Ayala

Morbius is the Living Vampire…but is he more? For years, Nobel Prize-winning biologist Dr. Michael Morbius has been struggling to find a cure for his unique case of vampirism. Now, for the first time in longer than he can remember, his salvation may be tantalisingly within reach! But the path to regaining his humanity is littered with dangers – and worse! In a leap of faith and desperation, Morbius takes matters into his own hands – but the results are monstrous, and now his lust for blood threatens to overwhelm him like never before! Old-school Marvel villain the Melter has resurfaced at just the wrong time – and he just might become the first in a long line of victims in the reinvigorated vampire’s bloody path! Michael Morbius only wanted his soul back, but how much will it cost?

This was probably supposed to released to tie into the Morbius movie, but obviously, things change in the era of COVID-19. That doesn’t stop me wanting this bind up though, I’ve always loved vampires, so the idea of Marvel vampire is too much to resist! This also seems to be one of the only Morbius solo comics available, so if you want to discover Morbius without the distraction of Spiderman, this is probably the way to go.

Conan The Barbarian Epic Collection

The greatest saga in sword-and-sorcery history begins! Born on a battlefield in the frozen lands of Cimmeria, Conan has spent his life fighting his way across the untamed Hyborian kingdoms – sparing no man, woman or wizard his wrath. His adventures will become legend. He will become king. He is…Conan the Barbarian! Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith brought Robert E. Howard’s iconic creation to four-color life with work that set new standards for comic book storytelling. Now, Marvel is honored to present their epic sagas – painstakingly restored to match the majesty of the original editions. In these early exploits, Conan ventures from his homeland for the first time, honing his skills as a thief and mercenary – and above all, a warrior!

A perfect bind up for any fan of old school Conan The Barbarian, who maybe lost their original editions, or missed out on owning copies as a kid!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What are you going to buy?

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