Basic Comic Terms

Basic Comic Terms

If you’re new to comics, there’s so many terms to learn it can make your head spin. So, here’s your quick guide to comic book terms to get you started!

Pull List – The comics you pre-order from your local comic book store, usually used to judge how popular a comic is during it’s production.

Issue – A ‘chapter’ of a comic – aka what you receive when you pick up your pull list.

Bind Up – Six issues bound together in one book.

Trade paperback (TPB) – A paperback bind up,

Story arc – The big story being told across several issues – think of it like the MCU – each issue/film tells part of the story, put it all together and you get the full thing!

Canon – Things that have happened in the comic, that aren’t fan theory, speculation or fan fiction.

Spread – an image that covers two pages.

Panel – A single image inside a box. Usually a single page is made if 6-8 panels.

Penciller – The person who creates the base line, pencil design for each panel.

Inker – The person who goes over the pencil lines and makes the clearer for the colourist.

Colourist – The person who puts all the colour into each panel.

Letterer – The person who puts in all the speech bubbles/text boxes on the panels.

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